Enhancing Revenue, Appreciating Customers, Rewarding Employees

Promotional products—everyone’s seen them. Trade shows and business expos are riddled with pens, magnets, sticky notes and more. How can you take these items to the next level for your business so that your message isn’t lost in the clutter? At Haven Promos, we help you identify the most effective items for your needs and go one step further to provide a plan of action for these products. Through the use of strategically planned items, we help you meet your goals of revenue enhancement, customer appreciation and employee retention.

Revenue is undoubtedly top priority for most businesses, and promotional products might just be the missing piece of your puzzle. Consider selling t-shirts, tumblers, or other items relevant to your brand.  Go one step further and create an online contest, similar to the recent “” contest by Diet Coke®  and Subway® which promoted purchases and participation on social media to win a trip to Tuscany. By mixing sales and branding, you can create walking billboards across town, and across the wide landscape of the web, all the while increasing revenue and publicity.

At Haven Promos we truly believe that you are not just a customer, but a partner who is very important to us. That’s why we hold customer appreciation to a very high standard. There are several ways that promotional products can say “thank you” beyond just a card. If your sales staff is looking for a powerful, yet simple leave-behind for client meetings, try a pen, a grocery tote and maybe a Koozie. This leave-behind combo covers a wide range of your clients’ everyday life, and they’ll appreciate the thought. In addition, your brand is reinforced with that client every time he or she writes a note with your pen, uses your tote at the grocery store, or insulates a beverage during a weekend outing—not to mention the countless other bystanders who get a glimpse of your product and wonder, “ Who is this company, and how do I get involved?!”

Finally, you are only as good as the employees who work for you, so why not make them feel comfortable, secure and appreciated? You remember ol’ from psychology? Well it’s pretty simple, we all need the basics to survive—food, water, etc.—but just after that is the need to feel secure in our surroundings, to feel a sense of belonging in our environment, and to have self-esteem and confidence in ourselves. Your employees want to do well, and in order to retain good employees, 嘉盛外汇 they must feel appreciated. So consider providing a plaque for outstanding achievement, or maybe a useful at-home item like a grilling toolset or lawn chair emblazoned with your company logo. You can even create healthy competition around a branded product, where the winning department or team gets to hold the sought-after trophy until the next match! Even something as simple as providing company polos for employees to proudly wear can go a long way to keeping workers happy and satisfied.streaming The Circle 2017

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