Building Your Brand

We’ve recently changed our name and added new services to help you grow your business. But just what do those five little words under our logo really mean? Today we’re talking brand – what it is and why it matters.Fifty Shades Darker streaming

Brand (/’brand/noun): A company’s identity, defined by visual connotations, communication style, and community reputation.

More than a Logo
Your brand is so much more than just your company logo or tagline! It’s the essence of what you do, the lifestyle you promote, and why people should care. Your brand says, “This is who we are!” to your customers, your community, and the world. Strong, consistent branding provides a clear guide for all of your company’s operations – from the events you sponsor, the social media platforms you use, the style and language of your communications to  the way you interact with customers and the types of advertising you purchase.

Find Your Voice
To clearly define your brand, select the right logo and visual identity -that’s everything from colors, appropriate logo usage, to the types of photos and illustrations used in your materials- to represent you and the work you do.

Next, define your brand voice. Are you a quirky and fun candy manufacture? An accessible but authoritative financial advisor? A knowledgeable, comforting healthcare brand? Use your own attributes to determine the style of your communications. This unified tone and manner of your voice will result in recognition, trust, and a solid reputation.

Remember to reach out to the media! Public relations strategies can be used to generate positive media coverage, shape perception for target audiences and tell a compelling story.

We’ve Got Your Back
Haven Solutions is ready to help you identify your marketing and public relations goals, both big and small. Whether you’re a new business developing your overall brand image or a successful company revamping your marketing plan, we’ll create cohesive messaging across all of your communications etoro platforms through content, graphics, and advertising placement to generate increased recognition of your company, organization, event, product, or service. We’ll set you up to achieve your goals with a detailed plan of action with timelines, crafted messages and more, all to fit your individual needs.

Haven Solutions has the tools to build your brand!

Logo Design: Our graphic design staff will provide advice and artistic knowledge to create the perfect logo that successfully represents your brand and conveys your message.

PR & Marketing Services: Copywriting of press releases, media advisories, and social media updates all delivered according to your marketing plan. Rack cards, too. We’ll even write, design, and distribute your email newsletters!


Business Stationery: Let our team handle your envelopes, letterhead, business cards, and other paper goods. We can coordinate with your existing marketing efforts or customize pieces for your brand to create a seamless transition across all materials.

Promotional Partnerships: Are you a nonprofit looking for an event partner? Or a business looking to align your brand with an established force for good in the community? We pair organizations together to make fundraising and marketing affordable and profitable.

Contact us to learn more about our creative solutions, and let us organize cohesive messaging across all of your marketing and communications platforms!