Let’s Get Serious About Social

You know that we’ve recently changed our name and expanded our services to help you grow your business. But just what do those five little words under our logo really mean?live streaming film Free Fire

Social (/’sōSHel / adjective): Connecting to target audiences through online and media engagement as well as community outreach.
Social is all about staying connected – with your customers, employees, supporters and community.

Social media is an essential part of any marketing plan, but it also takes up valuable staff time. Whether you’re just starting out with social media, or you simply need an extra set of hands to get the most from your digital marketing efforts, Haven Solutions has you covered!
Let our team coordinate with your marketing efforts to plan, implement and manage your presence on a variety of social media platforms. In alignment with your business objectives, we’ll connect your business or organization to the community to engage new customers and build better relationships with existing clients, donors, or members.

E-mail Newsletters
Tell Your Story
Our electronic newsletter service is an important communication piece and a valuable sales tool. We’ll work with you to outline a campaign that strategically highlights important happenings in your organization, from product launches, to upcoming events, or simple day-to-day operation announcements. Our creative team will coordinate with you to provide topic ideas, graphic design and writing services for the entire piece. We’ll manage the online distribution of each issue and provide you with both a sign-up and an archive page for your website.

Get the Word Out
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Reach your customers with quick, exciting bursts of information. We provide custom graphic design, writing and content services to help you get the most out of your sale, special offers, and one-time events. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a detailed analysis report after every e-blast containing open rates, click reports and other statistics valuable for sales and development purposes.

Social Media Management
Build Relationships
Our staff will meet with you to identify your goals and determine which techniques and sites will best meet your needs. We will set up new accounts or perform an overall audit of your current practices to get you on the right track. After determining your goals and needs, we will outline a plan of action to coordinate with your overall marketing plan. We also provide consulting on an hourly basis or can take care of the complete management of your social media presence from start to finish.

Promotional Partnerships
Reach New Audiences
Are you a nonprofit looking for an event partner? Or a business looking to align your brand with an established force for good in the community? We pair organizations together to make fundraising and outreach affordable and charitable.

Contact us to learn more about our creative solutions!