The Thursday Link Round Up

We spend a fair amount of time on the internet. While researching marketing trends, scrolling through the latest advertising specialty items, and keeping an eye out for what’s next in our industry, we come across some pretty interesting stuff. Enjoy this week’s round-up of links we like: five things that educate, entertain, and are just plain cool.

Retro Indy Finds Long Lost Pun
( on twitter) is the retrospective lifestyle section of the Indianapolis Star. While thumbing through archive editions they found a pretty great .

Quicken Loans Capitalizes on March Madness
Now this is an example of great, timely marketing! Quicken Loans is offering a $1 billion prize to whoever correctly picks each game in the men’s NCAA tournament. express vpn The odds of correctly picking every game are more than 9 quintillion to 1. , odds are pretty good that Quicken Loans will get all the attention for its promotion for free.

An Unexpected Fashion Trend
A  story on from summer 2013 highlights a pretty awesome (and unexpected) promotional product success. became the must-have accessory. Oh, hipsters. Think of all those additional impressions!

The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, and Maybe Infuriate, You
on The New Yorker gets to the bottom of why we share content. (Hint: take a look at that title)movie Annabelle: Creation 2017 streaming

Old Spice Stages “Interneterventions”
Speaking of sharing on the internet, Old Spice has us laughing and link-sending with . With nine options to fake out friends (ex: The Push Up Muscle Shirt and Executive Spray Tan Parties), the original sites are mock landing pages that default to a playfully chiding series of full Before I Fall 2017 movie

*All photos are from their original sites or posts as linked above.