The Thursday Link Round-Up

We spend a fair amount of time on the internet. While researching marketing trends, scrolling through the latest advertising specialty items, and keeping an eye out for what’s next in our industry, we come across some pretty interesting stuff. Enjoy this round-up of links we like: five things that educate, entertain, and are just plain cool.trailer movie Get Out

Thurs Link 1-16

EConsultancy’s Top Picks
EConsultancy, the publisher of independent research, analysis and advice on digital marketing, social media and e-commerce, selected their nine best examples of content marketing from 2013. From the world’s strongest beer, magic billboards, and Van Damme’s truck splits, all are great.

Top 6 Marketing Moments of the ‘Anchorman 2′ Campaign
Great Odin’s Raven, are we glad Ron Burgundy is back! Promotion for Anchorman 2 brought some unusual, and hilarious, partnerships. Take a look at the top six moments according to Studio System News.

Be Selective in 2014!
This post on Gossett Marketing‘s Interesting Marketing Tidbits blog is a great reminder that every promotional product you use is a physical manifestation of your brand. Haven Solutions can help you choose wisely!

Magic + Generosity = the Brand Crush
Marketing Uber-Guru Seth Godin gave us this great read on why some brands make our heart go pitter-patter.

A Healthy Body Makes for a Creative Brain
As graphic designers and copywriters, we give the right side of our brain a good workout most days. But we creative types can forget that overall wellness, even at work, is important keep the creativity flowing. Chuck Gillespie from Wellness Indiana has a few workplace wishes for Hoosiers in the new year.

*All photos are from their original sites or posts as linked above.