The Importance of Social Media

social_media_icons_largeIf you’re one of the few small businesses that are not yet plugged into social media, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Do you really need to be using it? The short answer is yes.

Why? Your customers are already using it. According to a 2001 report by Nielson, Americans spend nearly a quarter of their online time on social media networks and blogs. Americans spend on average, 37 minutes daily on social media. Which, is the highest rate of internet activity. Check out this infographic on social media usage. Facebook is still the leading social media network and continues to grow. YouTube is more popular than cable television. Using social media will help you connect with your clients and prospects. It helps to create a community of fans and followers that see you as more than just a business entity. They’ll view it as someone they trust, and people buy from those they trust. With social media, you have the ability to reach out and communicate on a personal level with your target audience on a daily basis. This is very powerful and has never been available with traditional marketing!

So maybe you’re a business that has taken the plunge and you have set up social media accounts for your business. How are you using it? Are you satisfied with the results? The success gap is widening between businesses that use social media informally versus having a more planned, strategic approach. Businesses that use social media strategically are more satisfied with their results versus those who use it informally, which are more skeptical about the value of social media. Keep in mind businesses that use a planned approach are 1.5 to 2 times more likely to be successful. Additionally, to attract customers, you can’t only post sales-driven Fist Fight 2017 trailer

The top challenges businesses have in using social media are lack of time and inability to measure value. We hear this first hand from some of our clients atHaven Solutions. But these challenges can be overcome. It’s also important to point out that social media should be integrated into all of your other marketing activities to achieve ultimate success such as email marketing, search engine optimization, direct mail, print ads, mobile marketing, radio, and TV. It also helps if you’re able to cross promote with partners within your community. We’ve had clients where this has been extremely successful!watch movie Power Rangers 2017 now

So if you haven’t already, make social media a part of your marketing plan for 2015. Heck, start it now! If you don’t know where to start or if you’re having trouble making it successful, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Making social media a priority for your business will help your business be found, create a stronger brand, boost sales, get free advertising through word of mouth, and help build an online community.