When you do social media right, you know it

If not, you’re throwing money and time down the drain

If you think you might be wasting time with social media marketing, you probably are. One of the great things about social media and online marketing in general, is that you can track your results. Unfortunately, when most businesses figure out how, they find social media marketing isn’t paying for itself.

In the old days (about 2011) social media meant Facebook and the process was simple. Now that Facebook has made itself an integral part of your marketing mix, they change the rules and what used to work for free, doesn’t work unless you start paying.

Haven Solutions can develop a plan which takes advantage of all social media has to offer, doesn’t break your budget, waste your time and lets you track your results. Let’s face it, not all businesses can benefit from social media, and it’s only by talking to a professional or seeing results that you know if yours is one of them. We can train you to implement your plan yourself using the tools we give you, or you can turn over the project to us, freeing up you and your employees time.

The one constant about social media is that it changes quickly. You need to know when to post an update, where to post it, whether you should post a picture or just text, and your content has to be right or nobody comments. One of the dirty little secrets about social media is that if people don’t interact with your posts, Facebook stops showing them as often.

We can make your social media marketing truly interactive, so your customers feel a part of the conversation, and not just the audience. Because after all, social only works when it’s a two-way street!

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